Jesus Builds On Lasting Foundations- #JUNE Episode 5

Jesus Builds On Lasting Foundations- #JUNE Episode 5

When I was a child, I played a lot with sand, clay, plasticine and chalk.
I even ate chalk sometimes (ugh! for real though)
One of my favourite pastimes was making things out of sand and clay. I built my own living rooms and castles with sand as I rode on the wings of my imagination.
It was fun.
Here’s what I observed though: The things I built never lasted.
Incidentally, today, many adults still build castles in the sand and empires out of clay- working hard to make things work but struggling all the same because they are building on faulty foundations.
Here’s a question for you:
What are you building on?
Remember, buildings with faulty foundations fall apart but lives that are built with the right foundations stand apart, stand strong and last long.
Watch this short video as I build castles out of sand and then transition into a series of thoughts that I believe will transform your life.

One thought on “Jesus Builds On Lasting Foundations- #JUNE Episode 5

  1. Hey dami, God Bless you. just had the chance to listen to your podcast and luvin it. I hear your not in London anymore. I presume your in Nigeria,, forgive me if im wrong. wud luv to hear from you, im in and out of Lagos, it would be nice to attend one of your events, lets stay in touch, take care

    onyeka s okoro (formally of house on the rock London)

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