Jesus Offers Us Living Water- #JUNE Episode 3

Jesus Offers Us Living Water- #JUNE Episode 3

The other day, I was so thirsty- incredibly so.
Someone offered me some soft drink and it was really cold. It felt good.
I relish the sweet taste of that carbonated drink as I gulped it hurriedly.

However, I wasn’t satisfied.

It only scratched the itch momentarily.
It tantalised me. It didn’t satisfy.
I still had to look for water.
I searched for it- desperately.
Thankfully, I found it- in good enough time and in great quantity.

I drank it with joy. The difference was clear. I was SATISFIED.

It reminds me of our experiences as humans, we desire deep-seated satisfaction.

People offer us the soft drinks of psychology, the smoothie of self-help, the malt of motivation, the wine of worldly wisdom and the orange juice of their own opinions.
We drink these, only to realise that we are merely gratified but not truly satisfied.

Only when we drink the water of God’s Word do we quench the thirst of our souls.

Watch this brief but transformational video I shot by a large body of water- on the edge of an ocean.

Enjoy the scenery but please don’t miss the message.

Feel free to share.

Thanks 🙂

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