Lesson Five:Seven Powerful Ways To Start Your Speech.

If you missed lesson four, read it up here.

You have done a lot of research.

You have read books and listened to myriad of audio programs on your subject matter.

You have the relevant facts and figures.

Finally, the day has arrived.

The moment is here.

The big question on your mind is-“How do I start my speech?”

You realize that your introduction is very important.

The way you start your speech will determine whether you will captivate your audience and flood their minds with the insight you have or whether you will bore them to tears and leave  the bitter taste of regret in their mouths.

Not to worry.

I have the answer to your questions.

There are several ways to captivate your audience from your first minute on the platform but I want to share just seven of them with you today.

I’m sure you will be comfortable with one or two of them and you can begin to apply them immediately.


Say something profound to get listeners on the edge of their seats.


Ask a question that makes listeners say “Oh…I’ve never thought about that.”


You could start by quoting an expert or a highly respected figure.


People love listening to stories.

You could talk about something that happened to you or someone you know.


Consider starting a speech by saying something like this-“Do you realize that your body produces 100billion red blood cells every day?”


Use humur.Most people are attracted to people who make them laugh.

One of the best ways to get your audience to connect with you is to say something funny especially at the beginning of your speech.

Please remember to keep it clean.


Think outside the box.Break the boredom of convention.Do something theatrical if you are comfortable with it and you are sure your audience won’t find it offensive.

There are a few other ways for you to start your speech but what I have shared with you are time-tested and are guaranteed to help you get your speech started on a good note.

Be sure to leave your comments and questions in the box below.

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