Lesson One:What On Earth Is Public Speaking?

Public Speaking is simply the art of speaking in public.

Did I hear you say “duh”?

Well,let’s have a more elaborate definition.

I define it as the PROCESS of Speaking to a GROUP of PEOPLE in a STRUCTURED and DELIBERATE manner intended to inform, influence or entertain the listeners.

Please notice that I wrote some words in uppercase.

That’s because I want you to pay attention to them.


It is different from rambling or gisting.

It starts with a central thought which is then followed by a careful deliberation before speech production.

An effective public speaker thinks before he talks.

Dionysius of ancient Rome said “make sure your speech is better than silence or be silent”


Every speech should have an introduction, a body anda conclusion.

When you are having a personal conversation with a friend, you can afford to talk about different things at the same time but it’s not the same when you are addressing a group of people.

When you speak in public, each word you speak should express your central thought or message.

The third point you should note is that YOU SHOULD BE DELIBERATE WHEN YOU SPEAK IN PUBLIC.

What does that mean?

It means you should match your movements and medium should match your message.Prune your speech so that you don’t waste words.

Every expression-verbal, facial and otherwise should drive your message further into the hearts of your audience.


Before you make any speech, determine your objective.

Do you want to inform your audience?

Do you want to motivate them?

Do you want to entertain them?

Your objective will determine a lot of other things including your choice of words, style of dressing as well as mode of delivery.

So let’s go over the four points again:





That’s it for now.

Stay tuned for the next lesson.

224 thoughts on “Lesson One:What On Earth Is Public Speaking?

  1. I’m glad being one of your student. The big challenge I’m facing with english is that I cannot be able to speak in public. Please you guide is very important to me.

  2. Brother that was owesome, it’s quiet unbelievable that some one can still get a free lecture on the net without payment. Keepon the good work the sky is your limits…..

    1. @Princekevinify, thanks. Yes you can still get a lot of GOOD INFO for free but you should also be willing and ready to invest good money in yourself in exchange for the value you need to create the future you desire. I’m sure you won’t shy away from that.

  3. I am happy to be your student.I really want to learn how to speak conveniently without mincing words in public.

  4. This is what I have been waiting for all my life, thank God I am finally here. I am really expectant. Thanks a bunch for making it happen

  5. Am privileged to be a part of this course. I’ve always coveted an opportunity to take this lesson to improve my PS skill. I hope an opportunity to attend a live class will come up soon. Thanks.

  6. Am glad am one of your students. How do I overcome stage fright in public speaking? Am over 50 years and every time an opportunity arise for me to address a group of people I always end up being unable to speak out because of stage fright. Am afraid of failure which always follow every such occasion. Please help me.

  7. My issue is worst, i get too tense, i cant think straight then i go blank & silent.this is what i go through each time i have a PS. So glad i came across your site, pls help me. God Bless you & more grease to your elbow.Thank you.

    1. What a privilege! It was a dream come true.i always dream of having this lesson.looking forward to the next lesso.thanks!

  8. Hi I hope your lectures can help me as I’m always required to motivate people and even preach sometimes.Thank you

  9. How do one overcome fidgeting? This sometyms leads to stuttering and stammering even wen one has good message content to convey?

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  11. Wow.I just signed in. But after the first lesson, am already excited about the prospect of learning from you.. Thank you sir.

  12. Thanks a lot Dami. Glad i stumbled on your website today, you’ve always been an awesome motivator. My big challenge is that there are times my mind goes blank or at a loss for the appropriate word while speaking. Not sure if this is only peculiar to me….I’m hoping this can be resolved somehow because it keeps holding me back from pursuing my dream. Thanks a lot.

  13. If I get you right, you said public speaking is basically to Inform, Influence or entertain??? I believe sir, that both information and entertainment are forms of influences. therefore, I’d rather think that the third should be to PERSUADE instead of influence…. what do you think? I’m Efe by the way and once sat under one of your deliveries.

    1. That’s a very good observation. You are right about entertainment and information having their own influences on people. Thanks for lending your voice to this conversation.

  14. Whatever ever you want to say must be better than your silence. If not, remain silent.


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