Lesson Three:The Three Key Elements of Every Great Speech.

If you missed lesson two, read it up here.

I hope you are learning as much as you can.

I look forward to meeting you someday, perhaps at the airport on your way to a United Nations event  to make a presentation or at a conference where we’d be speaking.

It would be such a delight for me and the thousands of people you will empower if you will apply the simple secrets that I’m sharing with you today.

That’s why I consider it a privilege to make this investment in your speaking career.

Today, I want to tell you about the three key elements of every great speech.

Now this is different from the three parts of your speech.

These three elements are powerful ingredients that must use in every speech if you want your audience to keep listening long after you have finished speaking.

They take their roots in ancient Greece.

The ancient Greek orators studied the most effective speeches ever made in all of history and reached the conclusion that all those speeches had these three elements.

You can be sure that they will go a long way in making your speeches impactful and unforgettable.


This is the root word for “ethics”.

It refers to the your integrity as the speaker as well as the character of your message.In essence, it refers to your credibility, sincerity and believability.

The more credible you are as a speaker, the more receptive your listeners will be.

For instance, people would rather listen to a medical doctor deliver a speech on HIV/AIDS than they would a motor mechanic.Similarly, the average audience would rather listen to a motor mechanic deliver a speech on automobile repairs than a medical doctor.

“Ethos” is also demonstrated in your mannerisms, accent and intonation.

Your message will be better received if you are natural and authentic.

It is necessary to learn from others but you must always stay true to yourself.


This is the root word for “logic”.

Every speech must be logical.

Remember that in lesson one, I mentioned that public speaking is “…deliberate and structured…”You cannot affored to ramble or take your audience for granted.

Whenever you are privileged to speak in public, ensure that your presentation is logical, systematic, intelligent.

This boils down to two things-research and reflection.

Research will provide you with facts and figures.

Reflection will help you organize those facts and figures in a way that will reinforce your message.

Your arguments should be reasonable.

This can only happen if you reason.


This is the root word for “passion”

This refers to emotions, sympathy and imagination.

PATHOS deals with the emotional appeal of your presentation.

Every effective speech has an emotional component.

People buy things for emotional reasons not for logical reasons.

Think about the several women who have as many as 50 pairs of shoes in their closets.More often than not, they keep those shoes because of how they “feel” when they wear them.

If you watch the adverts on CNN or BBC and other global TV networks, you’d see how much emphasis advertisers place on the emotional component of their products.

In essence, people are emotional.

It’s important to take note of this because every speech is like a sales pitch.

You want your audience to buy into your message or mindset so you must have the right emotional appeal to match your objective.

You don’t smile when you ought to be sober neither do you frown when you are making an exciting point.

Moreso, avoid speaking in a monotone.

Infuse emotions-anger, joy, sobriety, fear, desperation, confidence, displeasure, satisfaction, serenity and other emotions when necessary.

Let’s go over the three key elements again:

1.Ethos-your integrity and the character of  your message.

2:Logos-reasoning, facts and figures.

3.Pathos-emotional appeal and imagination.

Watch out for lesson four.

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45 thoughts on “Lesson Three:The Three Key Elements of Every Great Speech.

  1. Looking forward to when we work together! Lol.
    Enroute the United Nations or some other major gathering to make some world changing speeches!

  2. Ha Pastor Temi.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    That was a fantastic…mind-blowing..life-changing message on sunday.
    I was tremendously blessed.
    God bless you sir…and I look forward to that time too.
    Please send my greetings to your family.

  3. Hey…Sanmi, great to hear from you after a long time.
    Hope preparations are going on well for May 8.
    I don’t think I’ll be able to make it.I should be in Abuja.

  4. PD, i’m really learning a lot from you and i intend to put every bit of it into practise. Way to go ,PD!

  5. Pst Dami of the Most High,now you got me talking! Let the Heavens and the Earth beware. Writing alone kept them on their toes,I wonder what the speech would do.Gud one PD

    1. Awwwwwwww, sister Frances of the Most High,
      Thanks for your refreshing comment.
      I can only imagine what you are getting ready to do with your speeches.
      GO FOR IT!

  6. Hmmm….Interesting!I’m all for Ethos,Logos and Pathos but I’ve listened to people who in the process of delivering a speech based on Logos,bombard their audience with ‘too much unnecessary’ information(facts and figures). Which makes the even the most attentive listener drool and snore through the speech.lol.How do you balance that?

  7. Your ability to put,in a few words, what might take some others a whole book is astounding. God bless you pastor Dami

  8. Pst Dami, for me each lesson has been an interesting learning process. Love the simplicity in the way your thoughts were expressed, makes it easy to recall and apply. Truly glad & grateful to be a part of this class its already making me a better me…

  9. Thank you very much,i think i have a lot to do in the area of Ethos Logos and Pathos.in summary good preparation will ressult to good presentation.Iam learning,Cheers.

  10. This is wonderful and eye opening. I am learning, Thank you so much.
    More grace and annointing in Jesus name.

    1. @Blessing, It’s great to know that you are learning. You are welcome. Please consciously seek out ways to apply what you are learning and share with others also. We tend to retain more when we do and teach.

  11. Dr. Dee, as l will love to be calling you from now on Sir, the Lessons are whaoo, inspiring and informative. Ethos, Logos & Pathos, wonderrful and l will never forget them !!! Thanks for bringing these things to our remembrance and driving them home!!! Keep up the great work Sir!!!

  12. I am learning every time im here. I now know my integrity/credibility, facts/figure and my emotion/actions matters most in my presentation. Thank you Reformer Damilola.

  13. Great and very educative. l am being conscious as we progress in the lessons that this is e-public speaking training. l am putting them together into a lesson note and commit myself to real study. Thanks and God bless you for this free online training privilege.

  14. Its a nice one sir.Am having a little problem, I am always scared to speak both in public and to someone older than me. Not that I didn’t know what to say but how to say them,but to say it to a person or in public I will starmmer. I don’t know if its cox am older than my Age and they are all yrs above me. Sir I really need ur help to overcome this fear. Tanx for the previous lessons.look forward for ur reply. Tanx

  15. Thanks, these lessons are really helpfull. Now am able to see the mistakes I was making and able to correct them. Am sure getting somewhere. You are doing a great job!

  16. I am really very excited , your lesson three is quite interesting and I hope to practice it very soon thanks my great mentor and I would lov to have your Skype ‘s name & number .

  17. Tnx 4 d tutorial am real learning, I wud start introducing people to it coz its not for M?????????? alone so ????t people will also enjoy wht am benefiting here

  18. Dami, Infact I am short of words for this wonderful piece. I am an extremely shy person, I only speak in public when I am compelled too. In doing that I find myself mincing words.How can I overcome this? I truly need to learn as I am rising to the top.Advice needed pls.Thanks.

  19. Pastor Dami, you are a blessing not only to me but to generations. God Bless you more greatly for dropping this. You are truly Empowering me for Live! I have passion for public speaking; I have started speaking but not yet satisfied with how I speak. This is a Life Coaching sir. It’s really empowering me. One day, I believe I will speak on the same stage with you! God Bless you sir. IamOlukayode -your virtual mentee.

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