Lesson Two:Three Parts of Every Meaningful Speech.

If you missed lesson one, read it up here.

Let’s talk about the three parts of every MEANINGFUL speech.

Please take note of the word “meaningful” because there’s no point making a speech if it’s not meaningful.


Your introduction tells your audience what you are going to tell them.

It is inappropriate to dive into the heart of your message from the moment you mount the stage.

It is necessary to have an introduction.

I’d talk about several ways of starting a speech much later in this series.

The second part of YOUR SPEECH is THE BODY.

The body of your speech is the heart of your message.

Here you tell them what you promised to tell them.

The body of your speech is “the meat of the matter”.

The third part is THE CONCLUSION.

The conclusion is a recap of what you told them in the body of your speech.

It may seem simple but a lot of people who speak in public have no clue about how important this is.

I’m sure you’d find it useful someday.

Watch out for lesson three.

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