Lesson Two:Three Parts of Every Meaningful Speech.

If you missed lesson one, read it up here.

Let’s talk about the three parts of every MEANINGFUL speech.

Please take note of the word “meaningful” because there’s no point making a speech if it’s not meaningful.


Your introduction tells your audience what you are going to tell them.

It is inappropriate to dive into the heart of your message from the moment you mount the stage.

It is necessary to have an introduction.

I’d talk about several ways of starting a speech much later in this series.

The second part of YOUR SPEECH is THE BODY.

The body of your speech is the heart of your message.

Here you tell them what you promised to tell them.

The body of your speech is “the meat of the matter”.

The third part is THE CONCLUSION.

The conclusion is a recap of what you told them in the body of your speech.

It may seem simple but a lot of people who speak in public have no clue about how important this is.

I’m sure you’d find it useful someday.

Watch out for lesson three.

119 thoughts on “Lesson Two:Three Parts of Every Meaningful Speech.

  1. Thank you very much Dami my prior problem is the fear to face crowd but with your lesson 1&2 I know I will get over it. Luking forward 2 lesson 3, God bless u.

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  3. Great job. Makes public speaking a lot easier and less brain stressing. Thanks Dami keep it up as we make progress. My problem is how to overcome facing the press.

  4. Great. I have no problem with organising my speech as you’ve just outlined. The real challenge is the fear of facing the audience to deliver a well thought out speech.

  5. Thank you very much. The lesson 1 was awesome, now i understood what public speaking is. This two is fantastic Though small but very easy to understand and very impactful. Thank you.

  6. thanks for lesson one and two, l have taken good note. I hope to give a 7 mins motivational talk at work on monday morning 13/1/14 on “Healthy relationship”. May be u could offer a little guide on how to approach it bearing in mind the three essential parts you tutored above. Expecting your kind reply.

    1. @Tamunodiepiriye, so sorry I’m just replying this. Congrats on your presentation. Tell me, how did it go? Is there any other thing I can help with?

  7. This is very interesting and encouraging especially to people like me that had problem or fear of facing crowd.Is very encouraging and motivative.

  8. U dnt kw hw u have touch people’s life with dis ur page,tanks a lot everyday I check ur advice it increase my confidence d more tanks alot

  9. Thanks so much dami am grateful am just Starting this class for the first time and am really working on my accent too God bless u

  10. This is certainly wonderful! I really appreciate you for lessons 1&2, they have really enriched and equipped my speaking prowess

  11. Thanks a lot, dami pls I want to ask,am I on the right track,cause my prior problem is to be able to speak good and sound English,I find it difficult to relate with people with the fear of saying the wrong English. pls I need your advice,God bless u real good

  12. The teaching was nice and great. l really enjoyed it. But i have this burning desire to become an effective speaker. My greatest challenge is fluctuation of speech due to partial stammering tendency. And how to gain the capacity to think or reason logically in a great way. I mean knowing what to say and to deliver it in detail without forgetting any. Thus, maintaining fluency and eloqueny. Thanks

  13. Thanks for the two lessons so far. You’re great at conveying very important information in very simple ways. I’m finally paying the much needed attention to a matter I have brushed aside for years.I promise to follow through. Thnaks

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