March Fourth…March Forth!

It’s my month.

I was born this month and it’s twenty days to my birthday.


I’d talk a lot more about that later.

As you know, this is the last month of the first quarter of this year. I believe you have already overcome the drag that comes with the beginning of a new year. If you haven’t yet gotten your rhythm of productivity please do.

Ensure that you March forth. It’s not time to rest.


Adjustments and




May your MARCH be prosperous and may your life be blessed!

P.S.:If you missed the last post, please read it up by clicking on this link.

6 thoughts on “March Fourth…March Forth!

  1. Like few we @ Ryt Impakt inc. share parallel views about this month as you do. That’s why our 1st post for this month on our website (pls do check) is strongly urging Neo-entrepreneurs to Step – up & be Sharp.

    good work…all through.

  2. Amen. With this, those thing weighing me down are in serious trouble.
    Happy Birthday to you sir in advance, May God grant you grace for the journey ahead of you.
    Rice and Stew Very Plenty.

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