Merry Christmas


There are several celebrations all around the world but Christmas stands out for many reasons.

It’s not just about the dazzling lights, decorated trees, chiming bells, red ribbons and pleasant gifts. It’s a lot more than that. It’s about the greatest love story of all time. A loving God steps out of eternity into time, wraps up himself in the cloak of human flesh, hides himself in the womb of a woman He created and chooses to be born just to redeem us from sin and its ravaging consequences.

Christmas is a lot more than good food and fine wine, It’s a time for us to appreciate the God’s greatest gift to humanity- himself.It’s about the grand display of God’s incomparable love for us.

It’s about the dazzling light of his revelation in human flesh- Jesus Christ.
It’s about the pleasant gift of divine life made accessible to everyone who believes in Him and chooses to receive Him.

It’s a time for us to receive that gift …with renewed appreciation.

It’s also a time to give… to express God’s gift to us to those around us. It’s important that we keep these in mind as we celebrate.

I wish you a merry Christmas…your best ever yet!


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