My Special Birthday Gift To You!

My heart is filled with joy.

I’m really excited.

It’s my birthday and I’m just so glad that God has kept me alive and in great health.

As I fell on my knees some minutes ago, thanking God for this New Year in my life, a lot of wonderful testimonies flashed through my mind. Several of them. I can say without a shadow of a doubt: God is good.

God is good!

God is good!!

God is good!!!

I mean every word of it.

I have experienced His goodness in every area of my life over the last year and I’m just so excited about what He has already started doing this year.

While I expect to receive calls, messages, cards and gifts, I have decided
not only to receive but more importantly to give.

I can’t give everyone rice and chicken…at least not at this point in my life.

I can’t give everyone spaghetti and soft drinks.

I can’t give everyone cake and candy so, I have decided to give out the electronic copy of my newest book. It’s titled “SEIZE THE MOMENT!” and I believe you are going to love it. I hope and pray that it CHANGES YOUR LIFE FOREVER!

The good thing is that you can download and read  it regardless of your current geographical location.

You don’t have to pay for this. It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE.

All you have to do is fill in your name and email address in the opt-in form below.Then follow the simple instructions that follow.

Thanks for accepting my birthday gift to you and thanks for your friendship, follower-ship and fellowship over the last one year.

God bless you and yours now and always.

P.S:Kindly remember to share this link with your friends, fans and followers on FACEBOOK, TWITTER and other social media so that they can also download their free electronic copies of “SEIZE THE MOMENT!”.

They’ll love you more for it.





Seize The Moment!

10 thoughts on “My Special Birthday Gift To You!

  1. Thanks alot pastor dami for this wonderful gift ,Gob bless ?. ????y birthday ? wishing ? many more years ? earth

  2. Thank you sir for your gift. Your hand will neva go down in poverty. God wil supply all your needs, He will fill your lips with laugter and He will surely perfect all He has spoken concerning you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pastor Dammy.

  3. P Dams… i wish above all things that you remain God’s voice in this generation. People will listen to you and wonder what wisdom is this. You will not lack oil. Heaven will back you up. Happy Birthda

  4. Pastor Dams, you are indeed blessed. I pray for you that the knowledge of God’s will for your life would be continually revealed to you phase by phase clearly year by year to the Glory of God. This na the beginning of anoda phase oooo. By the Grace of God, it would most definitely be better than last year. Merry New year to you, Happy birthday and God bless you on every side(AMEN)!!!!.

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