Nigeria At 51: A Few Reasons To Celebrate

Today is Nigeria’s 51st Independence Day Anniversary.

There are probably as many sentiments about this day as there are people.

Some see it as an opportunity to rehearse their disappointments and discontentment.

Others see it as another opportunity to put up weird pictures with splashes of green and white.

I see it as an opportunity to express gratitude and inspire hope.

It would be delusionary to say there are no challenges. Everyone who listens to the news knows that we still have a long way to go as a country. What I’d like to focus on however, is the will to go on. Inspite of the chaos, crises, confusion and calumny, there is still the will to go on. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I celebrate my country today, not because of where we are but because of that flicker of hope that the winds of ethnic strife, the whirlwind of corruption, the typhoon of terrorism and the pangs of political inbalance have not been able to snuff out.

I celebrate today because you are taking out time to read this and you are going to be a part of the transformation we despertely desire.

I celebrate today because of a few good men (and women) who have not and will not sell their bodies or sell their souls.

I celebrate Nigeria because of our true heroes, whose names do not appear on the headlines, yet are taking giant strides through their integrity, sacrifices and intercessions in the secret.

I celebrate Nigeria because we will turn things around for the better and some day soon, leaders will come from all over the world to learn how to lead their own Nations with excellence.

Let’s celebrate. We will get there. Soon, the TRUTH will set us FREE. Someday, we shall be free indeed.

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6 thoughts on “Nigeria At 51: A Few Reasons To Celebrate

  1. Today as I sang the Nigerian anthem especially d 2nd stanza,my heart swelled with nostalgia, my eyes beam with tears…mind u, it wasn’t a bad feeling. Rather I stood there and for the first time I was proud to be a Nigerian. It was more spiritual…

  2. We’ve got to first love this nation.Then who wudn’t do anything for love. I play my part everyday and I still like 2 do more.

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