Pictures From SPEAK WITH POWER! Seminar

I promised to post pictures of the SPEAK WITH POWER! seminar.

Here they are.Kindly leave your comments in the comment box below.

The Registration Point

The Registration Point

Yours truly, introducing the seminar

Daniel, one of the attendees, saying the opening prayer.

One of Nigeria’s finest debaters and a good brother, Temiloluwa Awonbiogbon, listening with rapt attention.

My friend, also one of Nigeria’s finest debaters, sharing practical tips from her experience as a public speaker.

I’d put up some other pictures soon.

Stay close by.

P.S:Don’t forget to leave your comments.

Thanks a lot.

7 thoughts on “Pictures From SPEAK WITH POWER! Seminar

  1. this is great pastor dami have always been visiting your site and it has been a great inspirational source for me which give me an eye to see my in a positve side….THANK YOU SIR……pls i would like to get all your books but i dont know how……GOD BLESS YOU SIR.

  2. Thanks so much bro for this strange passion of yours geared towards self development. You are an epitome of quality n excellence.The seminar pics speak volumes.luv u bro.

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