Plan and Prepare.

In less than 36 hours, 2008 will be gone forever.
Yea, forever.There will never be another year 2008.There’s nothing we can do about that but the good news is that we have the privilege of stepping into a brand new year-2009.
We have 365 precious days ahead of us.
My question to you is what do you PLAN to do with yours?
Have you written out your GOALS for the next one year?

How PREPARED are you for the new year.

You know how it is.The year starts and before you know it, january slips by so quickly, you wonder what you achieved.If you will accomplish your goals in 2009, the first thing you must do is to write them out.You can’t achieve your dreams if you have no dreams.

You have heard it too many times-if you fail to prepare, then you prepare to fail.

Often times, your preparation determines how good your performance will be.One wise man put it this way-






Every great performer is a great planner.

Every great achiever is a great planner.

Great works are product of great planning.

Architects draw up plans before significant buildings are built.

Geologists and Archaeologists come up with plans before splitting up rocks exploring theearth’s reservoirs and resources.

Professional Sportmen sketch their game plans before playing matches or running races.

Impressive orators meticulously plan their speeches before inspiring audiences to champion a cause with their stunning eloquence.

Even God plans.With Him, nothing just happens.He has a plan for your life

Find out His plan for you and make it your plan.

When you make God’s plan your plan, it’s a sign that you agree with Him.

There are lot of great things in store for you in 2009 but you have to plan ahead.

If you haven’t done that yet, i advise you to because you can’t hit a target you don’t have.

I once put up a post related to this.You can read it here.

Get to work now.

I have several goals for 2009 but I’d share a few.

One of them is to inspire at least 10 000 people through this blog and dreamersforum by december 2009.I know that with your cooperation, we’d make it happen.

Another is to give out my e-books to at least 9000 people by december 2009.Watch out for the details because you should be one of the first beneficiaries.

I’d tell you some others as the days go by but if you don’t mind, i’d like you to tell us some of your goals.
You can start by telling us some of your goals.

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