Another Opportunity!

People often say “Opportunities come but once”

I’m so thankful that is not always true.

Can you imagine if that was the case every time?

Thank God for opportunities that come again.

Sometimes, we are so caught up with other things that we fail to seize some of the golden  opportunities that come our way.

On January 31, 2010, I hosted the first SPEAK WITH POWER seminar.

I invited no less than 2000 people through my FACEBOOK account, email list, flyers and word of mouth.

Guess what?

Only 70 people showed up.

That was quite encouraging considering the fact that the world’s leading voice on Leadership, John Maxwell is said to have had less than 20 people attend his first seminar.In a similar fashion, one of Nigeria’s top motivational voices and Judge on the Debaters’ reality TV Show, Richie Dayo Johnson told me he had 14 people at his first seminar.

Waoh…70 was not a bad number at all.

What was even more encouraging was the fact that people came from different parts of Lagos, Ibadan and ENUGU!

A LOT OF PEOPLE called in to say they could ATTEND THE SEMINAR for various reasons.

I understand.

The good news is that NOW, there’s another opportunity to LEARN HOW TO SPEAK WITH POWER.

On March 27, 2010, the second SPEAK WITH POWER shall hold.


The time is 12 NOON PROMPT.

Watch this space for details.

Meanwhile, tell all your friend, colleagues and family members that they have another opportunity.


P.S: If you’d like to attend, kindly send a txt with your full name, email address and phone number to 0187 85 167.

8 thoughts on “Another Opportunity!

  1. Dear Dami,
    Thank God for the initiative. Thanks for the good work also. Your programs, webiste and blog are truly inspiring. I’ve marked the 27th of March on my calender. Although I have a program scheduled for 12noon on that day, I sitll look forward to seeing you, God willing. Please kindly forward the details of the program to my email box.

  2. @Thanks Abimbola.I hope you will be there.
    Mr.Seyi, please kindly send your email address…I’m so sorry…I should have been in touch to make our meetng happen.

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