Luggage at Last!


God is good.

I promised to give you updates on my luggage.
Well, though the folks at AERO promised to send it on their subsequent flight, they forgot it again so I had to endure the pain of being without all the items I had put together for the trip.You can imagine how inconvenient that was.

However, I refused to let the devil take the glory.When it was time for me to preach, I put all that distraction aside and allowed God move the way He wanted to.It was out of this world.I knew the enemy wanted me to be distracted but He lost out.

The people were blessed.

I called the folks at AERO and told them not to bother sending it again.
I picked it up at the airport when I landed in Lagos.

Thankfully, it had not been tampered with in anyway.

Thank you for standing with me in prayer.Your care and prayers made a difference.

P.S:I’ve concluded that when I grow up I will own a private jet.I hope you have too.

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