She Made Me Cry!

It’s interesting that we are all human beings yet so different.

I’ve had the privilege of travelling to a few countries and interacting with people from diverse cultures. I can tell you this-People are different. The way we operate, function, think, react, respond, eat, dress, communicate differs from culture to culture. Our differences may have been hijacked by despots, dictators and those who love division but I believe that our diversity is a gift that God has given us. Some of us are more expressive than others. Others are better listeners. Can you imagine a world where everyone talks all the time and no one listens?

Can you imagine a world where everyone cries all the time and no one has a dry tear or a word of encoragement?

Don’t misunderstand me. I have nothing against people who cry a lot. Crying actually has its benefits.

It’s just that I can be quite emotional but I seldom cry. Maybebe it’s because I used to cry a lot as a child. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I’ve exhausted my ration of tears. Just kidding.

Anyway, there was this girl who made me cry and I have a video to show for it. If you watch closely, you might notice that she was teary-eyed herself. I was really touched.


I’m sorry if you were expecting a video about a girl who broke my heart or a guy who beat me up. This is a video about a girl who’s testimony touched my heart. Before Funto finally got to share her testimony with our camera crew, she had spoken some words of deep gratitude to me and her sincerity and authenticity made me cry. Thinking of the difference God had made in her life through DREAM Academy brought tears to my eyes.
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