Show Some Love.

Show some love.

I had planned to title this post “It’s time to show some love”, then it occured to me that there really should’t be a time to not show love.Today is Valentine Eve(is there anything like that?).Within the next twenty four hours, many will be “caught” in a web of activities.

Many are yet to find answers to their questions…

“What size is she?”

“Would he like prefer the Breitling watch to the Mont Blanc pen?”

“Will the cake be ready by this time tommorow.”

“Is he going to ask me out tommorow?”

“Is she going to buy me any gift?”

You probably identify with one or two of those questions.

My argument here is not about those questions.

My goal isn’t to provide an answer to any of them.

My goal is to shift your paradigm so you come to thepoint where you can say “Even if…”

“Even if he doesn’t buy me the perfume, I will still show some love.”

“Even if she doesn’t say ‘yes'”, I’ll still show some love.

Love is a powerful thing.

It is not an emotion.It is a decision.

It’s unfortunate that most people think lust is love.How erroneous!

They are worlds apart.I hope to dedicate a post to this theme some other time but for now we must understand that TRUE LOVE is UNCONDITIONAL.

LOVE loves inspite of…imperfections…weaknesses…failure.

LOVE doesn’t wait for reciprocation.

LOVE is stable.

The only thing directly used to describe GOD is Love.

So…go out of your way to show some love.As you buy that gift for your spouse or fiancee, take out time to buy a lil’ somthin’ for someone who may never be able to reciprocate.

Don’t just spend your fortune on those who are in a position to say  thank you.Do something for those who may never be able to.It may not even be a tangible gift.It could be time…attention…a listening ear.

That’s a good way to show some love.

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