So You Want To Become A (Better) Public Speaker?

Some say we are living in the worst of times. Others claim that we are living in the best of times. I say “It all depends on what you decide to focus on”.
We may not all agree about certain things but there are some things that we can’t deny. One of such is that the world is more engaging than ever before. From scientific discoveries to social media; from complex crises to irresistible opportunities, we are bombarded with new things to think about-new problems to solve, new data to analyse, new solutions to deploy, new relationships to build, new projects to execute, new fields to explore…the list is long. These challenges require new skills.
It’s becoming increasingly clear that the ability to peak in public with purpose, poise, passion and power is one of those skills that could dramatically increase your productivity, regardless of your vocation or industry. Here’s the thing-skills don’t just “jump” on you. They have to be developed with diligence and dedication. It takes persistence and patience to become exceptional at anything. You hve to make a move toward your desired destination.
I’m not surprised that every week, I get tons of messages from people who want to hone their speaking skills and become better communicators. For long, I’ve thought about creative ways to help. Here’s what I’ve decided to do -I created a FREE public speaking training that would set you on course. If you are interested in becoming a better speaker,… click on this link and fill in your name and email address. If you choose to post this link on your wall, I’d send you a FREE ebook. Just send me a message with your email address AFTER you have posted the link.
P.S: Over 100 people have registered for this course as at the time I’m writing this post.
Sign up NOW before the gate is closed!

3 thoughts on “So You Want To Become A (Better) Public Speaker?

  1. Hello sir , I like your programmed and your passion in public speaking. I like to be on the team.

    from Yola.

  2. Thanks for making out time, despite your busy schedule to train men, thereby adding value to their lives. I’ll quite appreciate to be part of this training. Can it be done online without coming over to Lagos? Best regards!

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