Thank God.


Isn’t amazing that we take God for granted so often.

We step out of our homes in the morning and return safe in the evenings and we assume that we kept ourselves safe throughout the day.

We travel by air, road, sea …and think we arrived safely because we boarded the right vehicles.

We eat different meals in restaurants, cafeteria, “buka” and conclude that we had no case of food poisoning just because we washed our hands properly or dropped by at the most hygienic eatery.

We use our computers and they don’t crash so we boast that it is because we use this antivirus and that security software.

We are promoted on the job and enjoy breakthroughs in our businesses and we grin because we think all the wonderful things we enjoy are a result of our intelligence and wit.


We must always appreciate God for the good things we enjoy.

Truth be told-there are people who are smarter, faster, stronger and more discrete than us who still err and experience major mishaps.

We aren’t blessed because we are “all that”.We are blessed because of the goodness of God.

If this bruises your ego, I have no apologies.I tell you the truth, you are blessed the way you are because of the mercies of God so the next time you are tempted to boast of your string of accomplishments, watch it…give God ALL the GLORY.

Thank God.

Let that be your watchword this weekend.Thank God.

Reflect on His goodness and let Him know how grateful you are.

Thank Him…now.

One thought on “Thank God.

  1. Pastor Dami….
    Longest time, How have you been? This is soul touching and inspiring. May the Lord that has started this good work with you continue to see you through. Amen.

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