Pictures From “THE DEBATERS”

I promised to let bring you some of the sights and sounds of THE DEBATERS reality TV Show.

Here are a few pictures.

Some of them are cool.Some are funny.Others are plain weird.

Feed your eyes and let me know what you think.Kindly leave a comment in the box below.

Thank you.

That’s me at the beach.

Yeah, it wasn’t all work.We had some time to play.

Remember, “All work and no play….”OOPS, Prof.Karen Aribisala won’t like that-she doesn’t like

Malechi, Mr. Persuasive and I.

He calls me his brotha from anotha motha.

Now, don’t let this picture deceive you-I’m at least two inches taller than Malechi.He only appears taller because Iwas standing on a lower part of the seashore.True!

Malechi and I had a huge splash of salty water all over our bodies…and as you may have guessed ,some salt got into our eyes.

That’s Precious.Even Miss Forceful knows how to unwind.

For a moment, one would think the show is called “THE SMILERS”

Check out those SMILES-hardly seen during our weekly presentations though.Understandable…it’s not easy to smile when facing three…JUDGES and millions of viewers who are waiting for you to deliver high-quality content.


Watch out for more pictures over the next couple of days.

Please don’t forget to leave your comments below.




10 thoughts on “Pictures From “THE DEBATERS”

  1. Nice one.I never knew ”THE DEBATERS” are given time for themselves.I thought it is work,work and work.The pictures are beautiful.

  2. Well, the best way the mind could be aided to give the best is in its relaxed state……so its good the organises factor that into the show….nice catches…

  3. The steps of te righteous are ordered by the lord.Everyone that went for that show went there to fulfil a definite purpose and achieve something for the next phase(s) of their lives.
    All the play, swim and unwind moments were part of the fulfilment of purpose. Chizobam got pearls on the beach for her fashion store, Mohammed did what he knows best(swimming in an ocean) and there was an accomplishment of togetherness on the beach that would sustain us all for years to come.
    Blessed be God!

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