Thank You, Yetunde Adegoke.

About an hour  hours ago, I  logged into my Facebook account and saw this message:

“Hi Pastor Dami. There is something wrong with your blog page, its not accessible. Can you please check on it ASAP, we need to read some inspiring words from you.”

It was a simple but timely message from Yetunde Adegoke, one of my “online friends”.

Immediately I read it, I remembered that there was a technical exigency I needed to deal with in order to get the my site up and running. I wonder how many people have tried to read up content since the site went down. If you are one of such people, please accept my apologies.

The good thing is that it is back and it’s going to be better. Watch out for pictures from the last couple of events where I’ve been privileged to speak.

Thanks again, Yetunde.

3 thoughts on “Thank You, Yetunde Adegoke.

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