The Business of Your Talent

You are talented!

Yes. YOU.

You might not feel like a rockstar or look like a movie star but you were born to shine as a superstar. You were born to reflect the glory of God to a specific set of people within a defined space and season. Your talent is the tool that God has placed in you to make that happen.


However, it’s not your talent that sets you apart in your generation. It’s what you are able to do for God, others and yourself through it-the value you are able to create… the difference you are able to make…the lives you are able to touch.

While your talent was given to inspire and empower others. It was also given to enrich you. In fact, you ought to be the first beneficiary of what the precious gifts you are blessed with. A pipe through which water flows cannot be dry.

It is painful to see thousands of people who are TALENTED yet TRUDGING through life.

GIFTED yet GRIEVING over inadequate finances.


Often, it’s because they do not know how to TRADE their TALENTS- how to turn their resources into a thriving enterprise.

I realize that your talent isn’t all about money but I can assure you that it is painful to SERVE and still STARVE. It is excruciatingly difficult to operate your gift optimimally when you can’t pay your bills and you are just struggling to get by.

The good news is that we all can learn the business of our talents.

Those of us who know nothing about it can get started. Those of us who are already creating an enterprise through our talents could still do with new insights and tips to get much further along.

I’m excited to let you know that my friend and brother Steve Harris has decided to share the principles that he has been applying to generate millions of naira through his business with you. You see, Steve is in very high demand as a trainer in corporate Nigeria.

On the platform of his Management Consulting firm, EdgeEcution, Steve has managed streams of Customer Service Management, Leadership, Passion Infusion and Workforce Activation training programmes and retreats for several organisations, including West African Portland Cement (WAPCO), StanbicIBTC Pension Managers, Guaranty Trust Bank, Shell Petroleum Development Company just to name a few.

He now places his expertise at the disposal of individuals who ordinarily may not be able to afford it.

I have had the privilege of speaking alongside Steve at several empowerment seminars and I have hosted him as a speaker at some of my own events as well and I can tell you that I do not know of many people who can train and coach you on how to MASTER THE BUSINESS OF YOUR TALENT better than Steve. His ability to communicate time-tested principles with his personal stories, case studies, facts and tact with a healthy dose of humor will definitely empower you for your next level.

By registering for Mastering the Business of Your Talent, you stand to gain a FREE 15-page personality assessment report customised to show your strengths, weaknesses, and natural career options. The free assessment is valued at N25 000. This will help you discover what you are naturally good at and why they perform poorly at other things.

You will also be given a 12 step plan which you can apply to start profiting from your passion in 90 days.

In Addition to that, I’m adding my own bonus:

If you decide to be a part of this event, you will automatically qualify for a 40% discount off the tuition for the next session of DREAM Academy- Our 5day Personal and Professional Development Program. (That’s a N10 000 discount!)

So you have one more reason to attend Steve’s Life Strategy event.

Don’t miss it. Tell your friends. It’s always better when we succeed together.


5 thoughts on “The Business of Your Talent

  1. Thank you sir for the opportunity. I will come in from Abuja God willing.
    I trust that some day soon, you and Steve Harris will come to Abuja and do something for us here. Thanks

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