The Message Went A Long Way.

It’s amazing that a short message can go a long way.

Last week, God inspired me to write a short message with the title, “They Stole My Idea.”

To my amazement, it has gone a really long way.

If you haven’t read it, just click on this link right away…

They Stole My Idea.

It will inspire you.

I had no idea that Joel Wilson had read it but we were together at the Nelson Mandela Square in South Africa just a few days ago and we had a very interesting conversation.

The good thing is that we got it on camera and you can “eavesdrop” whether you are in Japan or Jamaica, Nigeria or Nicaragua.

It’s a short video, watch it and kindly leave your comments.

It’s always a pleasure to read from you.

P.S:Pardon the background noise.

Also which of these titles would you like me to write on next?

“‘Done’ is better than ‘perfect'” or “The Paralysis of Analysis”

9 thoughts on “The Message Went A Long Way.

  1. Hi Pst D,aw r u doin? Wuz unable 2 c d video. Anywayz, glad u’re goin places. I’d like u 2 write on d paralysis of analysis. B gud!

  2. Really enjoyed your blog “They Stole my Idea”. I agree with you when you say God would not wait on us if we are lazy to execute the ideas he gives. I can’t wait for your next blog. Hope you will go with the title “Paralysis of Analysis.”

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