The Reason Most People Fail


If you have never failed before, it’s either you haven’t done much in life or you are living on the penthouse on the storey building called “denial” on “falsehood lane”.

Failure is such an undeniable element in every success story.

Most of us are comfortable with telling our tales of triumph. We relish our moments of greatness… our seasons of spectacular accomplishments. It helps our esteem. We love the thrill and the soothing feeling of that ego rush. That’s fine. Nevertheless, if we are candid, we will also be quick to trace our biggest breakthroughs to some unpleasant experiences.

Sometimes, its the fact that we have picked up vital lessons through numerous failures that we eventually begin to succeed.

Does that  mean we should go all out in pursuit of failure?

Not at all. We don’t need to. It comes with the territory.

As a matter of fact, I believe we could actually reduce the number of times we fail before we record success in our different endeavours.

I once read these word: “If you want to double your rate of success, double your failure rate.” It sounds inspiring… but… do we really have to double our failure rate? Do we REALLY have to fail twice as much so we can succeed twice as much?

In as much as failure may be beneficial if we handle it with wisdom, we can’t afford to become so comfortable with it to the point that it becomes the definition of our lives. We can reduce our rate of failure, cut out unnecessary detours and shave off pointless mistakes and it all starts with this critical question: “Why do people fail?”

The truth is that there are many answers to this question but most of them can be traced to this one: FOCUS.

Most people fail because of…

– The absence of focus

-A loss of focus or

– The wrong focus

Without focus, we can’t galvanise our energy and resources to create a desired outcome.

When we lose focus, we dissipate our strengths and lose any momentum we may have built.

When we focus on the wrong things, we create the wrong experiences and fail to meet our objectives.

While focus may not be the only ingredient necessary to create a sustainable cycle of success,  the cycle of failure is definitely sustained by one or three of the challenges we have with respect to focus that I’ve outlined above.

From today, cultivate the habit of asking yourself these THIS QUESTION:

What should I focus on NOW to create the experiences I desire?

Note the two key words: FOCUS and NOW.

If you maintain the right focus at each moment, then your life will unfold in it’s truest essence and like a flower that blossoms, you will manifest the goodness and glory of God as your spread the sweet fragrance of success locked up in you.


Here’s a really short video from one of our sessions at DREAM Academy. I spoke a little bit about FOCUS. Watch and kindly share the link.

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8 thoughts on “The Reason Most People Fail

  1. @EvonPink, thanks for your comment. Often, we need to have a rethink in order to go a lot further and bless a lot more people. Little TWEAKS can lead to giant PEAKS.

  2. “Whatever you focus on you give life to” Powerful! The place of focus in life cannot be overemphasized. What one focuses on can either make one or destroy one. Cheers Dami. May the Lord continually strengthen you.

  3. Life without Focus will make a man live like a locust!!! Another masterpiece from Pastor Dams.More grace sir!!!

  4. @CletusClement, Thanks. I’m glad to hear that.
    @Kemi, You are right on that. I say amen to your prayer.
    @Femi Emmanuel, it’s great to have you here again. It’s been a while since you left a comment on this blog. Thanks.

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