These Facts May Amuse You.

Some years ago, I was listening to a message by one of the world’s most respected preachers, Bishop T.D. Jakes.

He said something that I will never forget: “…an intelligent mind is fed by many streams.”

That’s true.

If there’s anyone who inspires you to do more, go further and fly higher, be sure that he or she is an ardent student.

You become more intelligent when you are able to appreciate and harness different streams of thought without compromising godly standards.

Wisdom is the ability to effectively appropriate knowledge.Knowledge is the proper discernment of fact.


I don’t want to sound highfalutin and philosophical so let me move on.

A few weeks ago, I subscribed to a telecommunication service that sends me an amazing fact every day and I want to share some of them with you today.They might come in handy some day.

Here we go:

  • Big sea birds glide on air currents, sometimes not landing for months.Swifts can spend months in the air, only landing to nest and mate.
  • At the first World Cup Championship in Uruguay in 1930, the soccer balls that were used were actually monkey skulls wrapped in paper and leather.
  • A cheetah can run up to 76 kilometers per hour.That’s really fast! The fastest humans run at about 37 kilometers per hour.
  • At a top speed of about 18.77m/s the greyhound is not only the fastest dog but second only to the Cheetah as the world’s fastest animal.
  • Approximately two-thirds of a person’s body weight is water.Blood is 92% water.The brain is 75% water and the muscles are 75% water.
  • An ant’s nest is made up of many chambers, connected by tunnels.Some rooms are nurseries, others are food cupboards and some are trash cans.
  • Pollen never deteriorates.It is one of the few natural substances that lasts indefinitely.
  • Urine from male cape water buffaloes is so flammable that some tribes use it for lantern fuel.
  • Tortoises are real slow coaches.Most tortoises trudge along at speeds of less than 0.3 mph, even when they’re hungry.
  • The water spider makes its home under the surface of the water.It waits inside until it spots its prey and then darts out.
  • Chimps take medicine.Chimpanzees sometimes eat plants that don’t taste nice at all, as cures for illness.
  • All young monkeys love to play and it’s as important as school is for you.This is how they learn the skills they will need when they grow up.
  • A shark’s cornea can and has been used in an eye surgery since its cornea is similar to that of a human’s.
  • A human heart is just 10 ounces and beats nearly 1 000 000 times per day.It pumps about a cupful of blood every time it beats.
  • A human heart can create enough pressure that can squirt blood at a distance of 30 feet.In a lifetime, the heart pumps about 1 million barrels of blood.
  • By far the biggest ocean is the Pacific.It covers a third of the earth.Between Panama and Malaysia, it stretches about halfway around the world.

25 thoughts on “These Facts May Amuse You.

  1. True talk.
    Some of them sound strange but they are all well-researched facts.
    I’d share more of them later.

    Stay strong.
    P.S:We should talk soon.

  2. whao! little things that matters. have been following u on air and FB. Thank you sir. hw can someone invite you for a seminar of conference

  3. M.O.G! u are truly AMAZING! Just as these FACTS…ARE!! True talk! For us to be RELEVANT…….we have to be INTELLECTUALLY CONVERSANT!!
    God bless you RICHLY!

  4. These are indeed insightful facts and when thought through, they really posses wisdom in them, which helps declares the deep splendor of GOD’s displayed in His creations.

    Thanks Damilola

  5. This piece is really wonderful i actually gained more knowledge cos there re sm things i just got to know. Thks

  6. Amazing facts indeed. . . Caught myslf sighing nd shaking my head as i read thru the whole thing. . . Uu re always a source of knowledge to me. . . Nd ‘m so glad i ve access to some of the really amazing nd educative things uu post. . Keep the good work upp. . May the Almighty strengthen uu in ur endeavours. . Stay blessed:)

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