They Stole My Idea.

“They stole my idea.”

I have heard that statement several times in my life.

You have probably heard it too…several times.

Maybe you have even made the statement at some point in your life.

You had the idea and you were really excited about it.

It was a thought you cherished.It kept you awake night after night.The sheer thought of it’s potential sent shivers down your spine and flooded your heart with unspeakable joy.

Days passed, yet you were still developing your idea.You wanted it to come out perfect so you took your time.You decide to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out the way you planned.

Soon after, you were shocked to discover that “your idea” had been executed by someone else.

You wanted to start a business of that nature in your estate but you discovered that someone just startet it.

You wanted to organize a concert of that nature but you discovered that someone else just DID IT.

You spent the last year writing a book with that title and concept but you just discovered that someone else is DOING IT.

You wanted to produce a television show of that nature but someone else was faster than you… 

They stole you idea or so you thought.At least, it felt better to think that way.

Your first reaction was disbelief, then disappointment… followed by displeasure.

You were displeased with yourself.You started thinking aloud…

“If only I had acted faster…”

“If only I had moved earlier…”

“If only I knew better…”

If you are goal-oriented and purpose-driven like me, you must be familiar with that stinging sensation that comes with discovering that “your idea” has been “stolen”.

Notice that I put “your idea” and “stolen” in parenthesis.That’s deliberate.

I understand that there are people who lack the moral fiber to give you credit for your ideas and would rather run off  to execute them, taking the glory for those ideas.I have no respect for such people. I consider them weak. However, I have also discovered that GOD is the giver of every good and perfect gift.(This includes good ideas)

With that in mind, what you call your good ideas are SEEDS planted in your heart by God.

The interesting thing is that God causes rain to fall on both the good and the evil.This implies that whenever God opens His “idea-vault”, several people may conceive the same idea.

There is hardly anything like monopoly of ideas.Every God-given idea is designed to make the world a better place so if you conceive it and you do not execute it, God will stir someone else to make it happen because God’s ultimate plan cannot be jeopardized by one person’s lethargy.

So let this be clear-when you are struck by a bright idea, there are probably a thousand and one people all over the world that caught it too but what makes the difference is what you do with that idea.

I realize that you have a golden idea that will take the world by storm but here’s a very important question-Are you going to keep thinking about it or are you going to start DOING something about IT?

27 thoughts on “They Stole My Idea.

  1. Hmm..thanks pastor D..that was timely.its exactly what i need now to run with a fanciful idea God gave to me..thanks once are God sent.

  2. Great idea. You probably stole my idea. lol. The call is heard. Together, we must continue to address this issue and find the right balance between investments and ideas. The two entities must peacefully co-exist in the same publication for us to move forward. You just can never predict even as opportunity is a state of the mind! There is also the confidence factor.

  3. Thanks for this piece. Its really an eye opener. I tot ideas can’t be stolen once its God’s given until I read this. The one thing I know about u sir, “the sky cannot limit u” may God increase ur knowlege.

  4. @Ayo, congrats on the idea.
    Now is the time to RUN.

    @Ademola, it’s good to know that you have resolved to do something about every idea you have but the truth be told, you will always have more ideas than resources and time.You may have to share some with people you can trust.However, you need to pinpoint THAT IDEA that fits into the profile of this article-that idea that keeps burning in your heart and rolling through your mind…THE IDEA that really gets your juices flowing.That’s the one you should start with.Pour your strength and resources into it and you’d be glad you did.

    @Henry, I probably stole your idea?(lol)
    Which of them?
    I’m sure you are kidding.
    The important thing is to ACT FAST!
    That is the heart of this message.

    @Omolola, thanks a lot.
    The sky cannot limit you either.
    In fact, it is your take off point.

  5. Good food for thought! Pastor Dami, it goes beyond what you have shared, it more of an eye opener for me. Thanx for been the Voice for my today!

  6. please are you actually a pastor?many people keep saying so even u sound like one in your articles.
    Great a lot to act on..Lord i receive help ooo.
    But what do you think about divine timing in carrying out such ideas cos plucking a fruit a fruit before it is ripe makes it sour. to every purpose there is a time.what’s the balance.thanks

  7. @Gabsyn, thank God for His favor, mercy and guidance.
    @Fehinti, my name is Damilola Oluwatoyinbo.Some people call me Pastor Dami and they are right.I have pastoral responsibilities at the House On The Rock.

    I consider it a huge responsibility to serve in that capacity.

    Now,the point you raised about divine timing is a very valid one.It’s really interesting because I know many people need more light in that area.

    Thes story that comes to mind is that of the wealthy man who gave his servants talents.To one, he gave 5.To another, he gave 2 and to the third, he gave 1.Do you remember what the distinguishing factor was?

    The one with five talents ACTED IMMEDIATELY.
    Except God gives you a specific date and time for that idea, please go ahead and work on it.

    Remember, “NOW…faith is…”
    Faith doesn’t procastinate, doubt does.

    Enough said.
    I hope you get the point.


  8. Let’s not be too quick to attack those whose ideas have been stolen, bcos it has happened to me also, if fact so recently as before the world cup.
    I wrote and produced a song for an inspirational song for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, with my musical group called TK VINE, towards the world cup and presented a proposal to the FA on this but my idea, proposal was used by them to bring up an idea of a competition for the same purpose. The only thing they did not do was to use my song, which i did not submit to them.

    An eventual winner was picked (i’ld rather reserve my comments on the quality of the work done, in comparison to what i had done), and was given one million naira.

    You can get to hear and download the song on and also watch a slideshow we place on youtube on this link

    You can get the song also as caller tune on Glo: text “tune 51101” to 7728, for glo subscribers who are already on glo caller tunes,if not then text “reg” to 7728 before sending the earlier given code.
    MTN:send 016536 to 4100

    The song got us an interview on BBC world sport program on the 9th of November and the song played.

  9. My response when i saw the mail was “who could have done this to you”. But when i read it, i saw it was timely & right about time i execute my ideas,though the resources & time is not their to hasten it’s completion, but i realized the time is NOW for its execution.
    Thanks a million DAMI, you are the true messiah of our time. Keep the good work moving, GOD will always be by your side & never let you down.(AMEN)

  10. P.Dams,I heard you say this to me over three years ago and I have repeated it several times when I get the chance to talk with people… I miss sitting under your ministrations… You are a great blessing to our generation…

  11. hmmmmmmmmmmm! u actually got me feeling dat it was ur idea that was stolen as it were. Anywayz, it’s a call to swiftness in the implementation of our ideas. Do tk gud kia of u. Shallom

  12. Nice one Pastor D. The fact is, It is dangerous to think you are the only one thinking. Evaluated experience told me that only doers are blessed and not mere thinkers.I have learnt my lesson as well.More grace sir.

  13. At first, I thought I could ignore it but on a second thought I sense it was near what I have been battling with….
    Thanks Dami, I have just decided to add extra speed to get my book completed and radio ”biz moment” on air. You know why, because I hate to say it, that it has been stolen. the idea is just too juicy & promising to lose. You hit me!

  14. Thanks for the reminder Pastor. Today is the day to execute any idea we have. Tomorrow may be too late. The ‘perfect condition’ is hardly attained. There will always be some missing gaps and sure enough, those gaps are our lives.

  15. sir this message is most timely,i have received several beautiful ideas that i have celebrated over the year but i not really got started,ur message is a prompting to really get started .i really need ur coaching to get thing done .thank u

  16. No offense, but after reading your post above, I wondered if you had missed the day in school where the teacher taught your fellow pupils proper punctuation for the English language.

    After closing a sentence with a period, one or two spaces should be inserted prior to beginning the next sentence. Two spaces are rapidly becoming extinct, so most people now use one space.

    In the past, when the first line in paragraphs were indented with no space between paragraphs, double spacing was the apropos punctuation.

    For example, this excerpt from above should be punctuated as it is below:

    Days passed, yet you were still developing your idea. You wanted it to come out perfect so you took your time. You decide to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.


    Days passed, yet you were still developing your idea.You wanted it to come out perfect so you took your time.You decide to dot every “i” and cross every “t”.

    Have a nice day!

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