Vote For Me!

I got your attention.
I’m sure you are wondering what in the world I’m talking about.
You are probably wondering if I have suddenly decided to get involved in partisan politics.
May be you are even wondering if my ambidexterity has become something to worry about.

Whatever you are thinking, let me say it again-I need your votes.

Well, I’m not seeking public office but I need your vote to win a blogging contest that I’m participating in.

Fastecash is one of Nigeria’s foremost online payment processors.

Top bloggers from different parts of the country are participating in the contest and ranking is by voting.
I didn’t enter my personal blog, for the contest but I did enter my new public speaking blog,

So how do you vote?

It’s so simple.Just click on this link

It will take you to the voting page for

Kindly cast your vote for each of the five criteria:
1. Design:
2. Creativity:
3. Content:
4. Update:
5. Monitization:
Indicate whether you are a fastecash user or not.
Then click on the “vote for this site” button.

Please go over here now
and cast your vote.


P.S:I always knew I could count on you!

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