Want A Free iPad? Then Read This Now.

You are reading this probably because you have been thinking about getting an iPad or just because you heard someone talking about it.

Whatever the case, you are here and I’m glad.

I use an iPad. I’ve been using one for several months and I can tell you that it is not just a sleek and fashionable device. It’s an incredible learning aid and an amazing business tool.

The iPad has more benefits than time and space will permit me to share with you here and now.

In view of these tremendous benefits, I have decided to give out an iPad.

As you may have guessed, I’m not just going to hand it over to anyone I bump into on my street and I’m not going to do the old “mini mini ma ni mo, father had a donkey” rhyme to pick the winner.

You see, thousands of people are going to read this piece and several of them REALLY WANT A FREE  iPad so I’ve got to do some kind of screening.

 There are a few things you must do to qualify.

First, you must leave a comment here and now, telling me why you want this iPad. Be as sincere as possible, even if you want it so you can sell it to raise some cash.

Two, send an sms with the message “I’m interested” to 08099910549.

Three, enrol for DREAM Academy and pay your tuition on or before October 4, 2011.

Four, send your payment details to 08099910549.

It’s really that simple.

So let the commenting begin…

P.S.:You may click on this link to get more info on DREAM Academy but be sure to return here to leave your comment.


28 thoughts on “Want A Free iPad? Then Read This Now.

  1. *laughing* well i like ipad, havent used one before but will love to own one, but since i dont know when and if i can get one, i decided to do this. I definitely wont sell it and wont mind if you can just give it to me. Well, even if i do not get it, Thanks anyways

  2. Really cool, would love to have an IPAD cos despite it’s easily mobility trend, it will be of great help to my shedding workload, time management and convenience. However i will not meet your criteria as i work in the south south and your Academy is in the west. Do you do online Classes. maybe you should think of that sometime soon…. Either way its nice seeing this

  3. I had always wanted an ipad and i pray I’d be the person to get this particular one.
    I want it for audio visuals and ibooks.I also desire it because it’s easy to carry around.
    I’d learn the other uses once I get this one………I WILL MEET ALL CONDITIONS,AMEN ! AMEN!! AMEN!!!

  4. I, Need an ipad, although i’ve never used one, but as a speaker and a minister of the gospel, i’ll need a device that can enable me do my studying and findings conducively as at when due.. Also, i run a facebook fan page about love & life where i’ve got over 4thousand fan base and managing the group from a mobile phone is kinda demanding.. So, for me getting an ipad, it’s sure gonna empower me to reachout even beyond my limits.. I presently dont ve the cash to register for the training now, but i can assure you it’s now a part of my priority list to ensure it’s done when the next set’s opened for registration..

    <3 CHILD

  5. I would really love an ipad cuz it would be useful for my little business I have begone in the fashion industry. It would help me to brand and package myself for the clients I would meet up with. Thank u.

  6. Hello uncle D!!! As ur fav camper nd upcoming entrpreneur(thanks 2ur good teaching) I NEED †?? ipad cos I ve to access d net evry nw nd denfor further reading+i don’t own a laptop anymore 🙁 .as 4d DREAM academy I can’t make it cos I’m in school bt wud love to cos I’ll def learn some more. Ur ever smiling “JJ”cheers

  7. I really need one due to my status and for future use. I am a Secretary and I intend to leave my working career for personal business, of course for customer contacts and smooth running of my business. It has been my heart desire to have one and I pray to God to help get one! Thanks.

  8. i need it cos all my friends has it not because of that i just love the phone itself because it has a large memory to store photos of the site am doing.

  9. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!i didn\t get this on tym!!!!!just started foolowin yu on twitter 2day!!!!!reverend,wetin me go do naaaaaaaaaa?

  10. Raising my feeling of pda :)i really need 4 my own use but d terms r somehow complicated coz i’ll not be able to attend Dreams academy :)tanks anyway atleast call’n up an attentions of others

  11. wel i need this ipad cos i want to have and use it to learn more about internet, to browse more sites that will add meaning to my life and will enable me to make an impact in my generation.

  12. The tough thing about writing about Apple products is that they come with a lot of hype wrapped around them. The other tough thing about writing about Apple products is that sometimes the hype is true

    The iPad is thin: half an inch (1.25 cm) at its thickest. It’s light: 1.5 lb. (680 g), half of what a MacBook Air weighs. It runs a scaled-up version of the iPhone operating system we know and love or at least tolerate.

    To make up for the lack of a keyboard or mouse, the display is a lovely touchscreen that’s so super-bright and super-crisp that it looks bigger than its real dimensions — 9.7 in. (about 25 cm) diagonally.

    The iPad does a lot — Web browsing, e-mail, photos, music, movies, games, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, e-books — but it doesn’t do anything other devices don’t, and in many cases do those things better. The difference lies in what I can do with the iPad. I can pick it up. I can rest it on my lap. I can pass it around. I can leave it on a coffee table. I can tuck it in a bag. I can one-hand it while reading on a bus.

    With all these features and more, it’s a tool that will definitely enhance my productivity; enable me to respond quickly to my client anywhere, anyhow and anytime; boast my esteem and make me wall talk.

    Once am walking talk, there is no limit to what i can achieve or do for my society and country at large.

  13. It’s TRUE,It’s REAL,I GOT THE I PAD!!!!
    But remember,’faith without works is dead’.
    I attended Dream Academy,worked hard,prayed and WON THE
    i PAD.
    I actually got much more than I bargained for,I got an overhauled mind,a new improved me,met 3 different relations of mine &I’m ready to LIVE MY DREAM!!!
    I suggest somebody signs up for the next session.
    E FIT BE YOU O!!!!

  14. Hello my name is Mogomotsi Loeto I’m young man at the age of 18 and I need an ipad for my school work I’m schooling at DR : Bohmer in South Africa ( Bloemfontin ) I’m doing Hospitality and sometimes I need internet for my school work like looking for Recipes and more I have a keen interest in the food and beverage sector so I’m asking with my heart for your help if you can help plz call me on 0780163174 Kind Regards. M. O. Loeto

  15. hello my name is visshnu.i am a boy at the age of 12 and ineed an ipad for my school work i am studying at sktsa in malaysia.i am asking with my heart for your help and if you can help me please call me on 60146627957.

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