Warning:If You Read This, You May Discover Some Things You Never Knew About Me.

I have been silent for a while.

It’s not accidental.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

I have taken out some time to think about this year and it’s peculiarities.

Besides, I’ve been making plans toward the coming year.

I’d share some of my thoughts with you soon enough, but now I’d like you to read an interview I granted my colleague, Bola Oni and his crew at NaijaMotivation.Com, one of Nigeria’s finest portals on personal development.

If you read it all up, I can guarantee you two things:
First, you’d discover some things you NEVER knew about me.

Next and more importantly, you’d learn a few lessons you could use in your quest to be all that God wants you to be.

Be kind enough to leave your comments both here and on NaijaMotivation.Com. It’s always a pleasure reading your comments.

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6 thoughts on “Warning:If You Read This, You May Discover Some Things You Never Knew About Me.

  1. I look forward to d day I wil meet u in person cos I hv bn blessd by u in so many way. I am 1 of ur fans. Keep up d good work.

  2. Pst Dami, like u said, its really been long since u posted on fb, but something told me its for good. Am happy to read a little about your profile in d interview. Your ministry is an enviable one. Keep it up. I know that, one day soon, I’ll be priviledged to sit live under ur ministration. Merry xmas and a fulfilling new year.

  3. Bless you!
    I thank God for U! all you DO! and what you REPRESENT!!!!!! So good having you BACK! and even more knowing that you are BETTER! More GRACE to your MINISTRY!!!!!

    Love U!

  4. Pastor Dami, knowing you has always been a pleasure and is fast becoming an asset! Watching you evolve in the past few years makes me believe even more in the impossible and The God that orchestrates such pivotal events.
    Its my earnest prayer that you be and do all God has ordained and you continually be this real and believable role model to your nation and generation.

  5. Woooooooowww…amazing comments.
    @ Olayeni Modupe, I look forward to the day I’ll meet you in person too.

    Thanks for your support.

    @Omolola Oludare, thanks for understanding.
    I hope we get to meet in person soon.

    @Riches, it’s great to be back and it was good to see you again today.You were looking dapper as usual.
    Keep that fire burning.

    @Odezi, it’s been a pleasure and an asset knowing you too.
    You are a real blessing.Your words of encouragement are priceless.

  6. Amazing journey! Born again since 1992??? Wish i had that priviledge. I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes…LOL!

    The next worldcup??? Pls, be more specific so we can make plans to attend jor!

    Amen to your dreams of being on New York Best Sellers list. You’d surely get there by God’s grace! 🙂

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