We Came…We Saw and We Learned How To Live Our Dreams.

Four weeks ago, we opened the doors of DREAM Academy.

Just in case you don’t know what DREAM Academy is, I’d tell you.

D.R.E.A.M Academy is a personal and professional development academy that teaches you how to fulfill your DREAMS by leveraging relevant information and creative strategies.

D.R.E.A.M is an acronym for Developing Reformers, Entrepreneurs, Advocates and Managers and our mission is to groom a new generation of leaders who will create positive transformation in their own lives and subsequently in the socio-economic sphere of their Nations.

God planted the idea in my mind over three years ago but I’m glad it came to fruition last month. We called the first session of the Academy, “THE PIONEERS”.

It was an experience which many of us will never forget.

We had five days of practical wisdom, cutting edge strategies, thought-provoking discussions, team tasks, networking and indescribable yet pure fun.

Also, just like I had promised, the BEST TRAINEE went home with a BRAND NEW iPad 2. We had an extraordinary time learning from one another and from our EXTRAORDINARY facilitators who gave us much more than we bargained for.

Testimonies are still pouring in and I’d share some of them with you some other time.
My heart is filled with joy because I know that several lives have been positively transformed and their results
with speak for them over the coming days and years.

If you were one of “THE PIONEERS” who attended the first season of DREAM Academy, I’m saying a heartfelt
“THANK YOU”. God bless you beyond your wildest dreams.

If you were not at DREAM Academy, I wish you were. I hate to say this especially because I don’t like it when people
say it to me but you missed. Not to worry anyway because we recorded EVERY TEACHING SESSION and we have them in Mp3
and Mp4 formats. You’d really love them. The good thing is that you can PAUSE, REWIND, FAST-FORWARD and PLAY

Even if you were there, you will still learn a lot more when you watch the videos or listen to the audio.

If you are interested in getting copies, just indicate by leaving a comment in the box below. Also, fill in
your email so that we can get in touch with you.

Stay on top and whatever you do, remember to LIVE YOUR DREAMS.

12 thoughts on “We Came…We Saw and We Learned How To Live Our Dreams.

  1. Good Day

    I read your second book, SEIZE THE MOMENT..Its a good book with quality packaging..Also read your first book, JUST DO IT via a friend back in 2009…Most recently, I was at the YPLA on Nov. 5th where you were one of the Facilitators…You’re indeed a blessing to our Generation..May GOD strengthen you more and more…
    I’d like to have the mp3s of your DREAM Academy….How do I get them?

    Thank you…

  2. Hi Pastor Dami..
    Dream Academy was a life transforming experience.. I’m already living out my dreams… I sure want a copy of all the sessions.. thank you.

  3. Hello,
    I just stumbled on your blog via Toyin Sanwo’s blog. i would like to have a copy of the dream pioneer class sessions prefarably the audio. So how can i get them?
    O. Medekong

  4. Good evening Pastor Dami,
    I gained a lot in the poise and Etiquette section I attended.
    You are indeed a blessing to our generation, the Lord will bless and keep you sir. He will give you the Grace, strength and wisdom you need on a daily bases.
    Pls I need a copy for each section. Thank you sir

  5. i want to be a part of the Dream Academy and participate in the healthy ideas exchange.However due to daily job demands i cannot schedule out a week. Can we not schedule a saturday- saturday training for workers?

  6. I was not at the academy, but I will like to be part if there’s going to be anyother section. I will like to have the MP3. What do I do? John..

  7. Hello Pastor Dammy! I want to thank you for heeding to the lord, your book titled “Seize the moment” is an answer to a question on my mind for a long time.and also, I will like to have a copy of the mp3. May his grace keep shines on you

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