We Caught Fire In Abuja.

The last 72 hours have been filled with lots of activities and loads of responsibilities.

Between Friday morning and this night(sunday night),

I have enjoyed a smooth flight,

settled a minor fight,

made new friends,

talked with Very Important People,

moderated a Talk Show,

granted two interviews,

given several informal speeches,

laughed out loud several times,

given out copies of “JUST DO IT!”,

received some nice gifts,

stumbled into an old school friend,

run into one of my favorite Uncles at the airport,

survived a turbulent flight…

I can extend the list but I guess it’s long enough.

However , one of the most significant things that happened over the weekend was that we caught fire in Abuja.

Now, don’t get scared.I am not talking about a physical inferno.I am talking about our experience at B.L.A.Z.E.

B.L.A.Z.E is an acronym for



Actualizing destiny

Zeal to go

Excellence in relationships.

With Soul Quest, Jeremiah Gyang, Samsong, Pastor Bob Alonge and several other people, there was enough fire in the room to melt a mountain of ice.

Hundreds of young people were touched and I know their lives will never remain the same again.

I was glad to see people in their teens and twenties making a fresh commitment to pursue God’s purpose for their lives.

I was glad to see a generation of young people who will make the sacrifices necessary to inspire their generation and make their Nation a better place.

I am just glad that I was able to make my contribution to the event.

Now you know what I mean by we caught fire.

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