Welcome To November.

I am excited that November is here.

The year started on a really bright note for me and I am grateful that things are even much brighter now. I really hope you can say the same. What I have tried to do all through this year is to shine the light which I have been given by God on other people’s pathways.

I believe that we have LIFE to give LIFE.

We are BLESSED to BLESS others.

I congratulate you because you are still alive and you have another opportunity this month to give life to those who come in contact with you.

If you feel like you haven’t really accomplished much this year, not to worry, you still have 60 whole days to make things happen.

Congrats again. Now go DO SOMETHING REALLY SPECIAL this month.

One thought on “Welcome To November.

  1. I thank God for the things i’ve achieved so far, i pray for GRACE to do more within these 60 days. Thanks & have a blessed month Pastor Dami.
    N/B: 15 Nov, is my birthday. Pls i’d really appreciate a special word from you.

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