Welcome To Your Best Year So Far!

It’s the beginning of  a new year.

It’s the beginning of a new decade.

It’s the beginning of a new season.

I’m really excited and I’m sure you are too.

We love new things-from computers to castles!

The year ahead is like a blank check waiting to be filled with the figures you choose.

It’s like a book.You have to choose what to write in it.

As you write a new story, I pray you make it a success story and not a tragic tale.

I pray you make the right decisions.

That’s my prayer for you-that you will make this year your best year so far.

I pray that your dreams  come true as you find and fulfill God’s plan and program for your life.

I congratulate you for making it into this year-your best year ever.

Enjoy the next 365 days of your life!


14 thoughts on “Welcome To Your Best Year So Far!

  1. Thank you so much. Praying for you also that each day of this new year dawns upon u with great insights and revelation that will further boost your capacity to be a blessing to this generation and those to come, in Jesus name.Amen

  2. thanks, i pray the same for you too.
    for me its a new season, to study and act on my dreams…no more procastination, its a season of success in all my areas of pursuit, and also a year of manifestation.i pray the same for every one too that wants to win this year

  3. Thanks for putting down these lines for us; this is an encouragement that need to be recomended. I wish you every best for the year and may God enlarge your ministry.

  4. thanks be to God almighty who has taken us into 2010 iwis you success in your endeavour pls how i can meet with you one on one thanks

  5. Dami, i am proud to know you. You are really a great asset to our generation. I am about publishing my first book, all thanks to you.
    Happy New year.

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