Welcome to your season of G.R.E.A.T.N.E.S.S!

I’m talking to you, not your neighbour.
This year is your season of greatness.
It makes no difference what the global financial scenario is.
It makes no difference what your personal challenges are.This is your year of greatness.
Better believe it.The earlier you believe it, the earlier you will live in it’s reality.

For you to understand what to expect this year, you have to understand what the word “GREAT” means GREATNESS means, i’d help you with a few definitions from encarta…

According to encarta, “great” means…

huge, immense, enormous, vast, large, big, grand
antonym: tiny

countless, inordinate, prodigious, excessive (disapproving), boundless, unlimited, pronounced, abundant, numerous
antonym: limited

important, significant, momentous, critical, major, weighty, serious
antonym: unimportant

absolute, utter, complete, downright, intense, profound, extreme
antonym: slight

famous, illustrious, eminent, distinguished, celebrated, impressive, remarkable, talented, skillful, notable
antonym: ordinary

noble, elevated, lofty, exalted (formal), imposing, stately, grand, impressive, heroic, splendid, majestic
antonym: lowly

wonderful, fantastic, magnificent, excellent, terrific, cool (slang), groovy (dated slang), good

Impressively large

very large and impressive

large in numbers

large in number, or with many parts

-a great crowd of well-wishers.

bigger than others

larger or more important than others of the same kind.


extreme or more than usual.

-it gives me great pleasure to introduce our speaker tonight.

lasting long time

a long time, or covering a long distance.

-we endured a great delay.

-one of the world’s great railway journeys.


very significant or important.

-a truly great novel.

exceptionally talented

with exceptional talents or achievements.

-He was great humanitarian as well as a talented artist.


powerful and influential.

-striving to make our nation great again.

-in this great nation.


able to do something very well, or very skillful with something(informal)

very good

very good or pleasing.

-we had a great time at the party.


very useful or suitable for a particular task(informal).

-the cast-iron pan is great for making pancakes.

being good example of something:doing something often, enjoying very much, or being a very good example of something.

Well, what else can I say.Expect things to take a turn for the better this year.

Expect your experience to be synonymous to all the expressions above this year.

Some great things are going to happen for, to and through you.

I wish you the best of 2009.

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