What I learnt Today, In Obafemi Awolowo University.

Today has been a very demanding yet interesting day.

It started very early.May be a little too early because it started yesterday.

Now that sounds ridiculous but I mean my day started yesterday.

Here’s what happened-I had a vigil last night and I didn’t have the opportunity to catch my breath before traveling down to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Osun state this morning.

Thankfully, the trip from Lagos to Ibadan lasted for almost four hours and I was able to sleep for two hours and about thirty minutes but as you may have guessed, that was not sufficient considering the fact that I had done so much the day before and I had a full day ahead.

My assignment was simple but not necessarily easy-it was to  host the BEYOND IFE event for this year-a personal development training designed to empower students with tools and techniques for success beyond the four walls of the University.

As the host, I had to compere and give direction to the entire event.

Of course, that meant I had to be alert throughout the event.

It kicked off at about 10:30am-over  an hour behind schedule (due to changes in venue and a few other glitches) but it was well worth it.

The speakers laced their presentations with practical insights and humour.

The students were eager to learn and they asked intelligent questions.

I had the opportunity to increase my knowledge base and I’d just like to share a few things I wrote in my notepad during the event today.

Some of these things might just be what you need to read or remember to TAKE THAT GIANT LEAP.

Some of these sentences may seem so simplistic until you take a second look.

  • Life doesn’t reward you based on what you propose.
  • Don’t wait to be taught.Go ahead and learn.
  • Your development is your responsibility.
  • In Nigeria, we are schooled, not educated.
  • Just because you have tools, doesn’t mean you know how to use them.
  • Sight is the greatest hindrance to focus.
  • Expect more…Pray for more…Plan for more…Do more.
  • You have no control over your background but what happens in the future depends on what you do today.
  • You are the best if you think you are.
  • Companies only offer you a maximum of 25% of the value you are adding as an employee.
  • Passion is contagious.
  • Financial freedom is when your income when you are asleep is equal to or greater than your expenses when you are awake.
  • In the first 3 years of any business, you will go through the learning curve.
  • 35 years work experience as an employee doesn’t pass for 35 years experience as an entrepreneur.
  • Wisdom is your ability to prepare today for a future you can’t see to day.
  • What you do is as good as when you do it.
  • Weeds grow naturally.It doesn’t take effort for things to decay but it takes effort for them to be preserved.
  • Questions are the answers.
  • If you expect nothing, you get nothing.
  • If your goal is set, your future will develop it.
  • Your expectations put your life on a course where everything that happens in your environment favors you.
  • Albert Einstein said “Our imagination is a preview of our life’s attractions.”
  • Comfort is the enemy of achievement.
  • If you are comfortable with where you are, you do not qualify for more.
  • Where there is no drive, failure is guaranteed.

There are a whole lot of other things I could share with you about the day but the truth is my eyes are getting heavier and I need to rest now.

OOOPS…I’ve done it again.It’s already another day.

I’d talk to you later.

19 thoughts on “What I learnt Today, In Obafemi Awolowo University.

  1. I guess,it just means dat dere’s no value dat can be placed on knowledge,uhhmm!!!,sorry applied knowledge.I’m soooooooo glad i was there.

  2. I agree with you Jemimah.
    We have to discipline ourselves to apply the lessos we learn so that we can
    produce superior results.
    People say “knowledge is power” but the truth is that it is only applied
    knowledge generates power.

  3. hello pst dami,
    great one i must say. please when next you have such events or other inspiring events, i will like it if you notify me. what exactly do you mean when you say in Nigeria we are schooled not educated. i really like the comment on wisdom being ones ability to prepare today for a future you cant see today.
    thank you so much for these nuggets.

  4. What a brilliant post Dami,more power to your elbow.Pls,i would like to meet u personally.Pls send ur response to my mail box.bye

  5. it is said that schooling is what you get, education is what u give.
    ‘Tis true,
    thanks dami oluwatoyinbo for all ur inspiring messages. May God bless you more abundantly in Jesus’ name.

  6. REV!!!
    This is spectacular! I can’t thank you enough for these words of wisdom. But I’ll say thanks anyway.

  7. Hey…Halimah.It’s wonderful to read your comment on my blog.
    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for thnking me.

    Stay strong.Stay blessed.
    Do send my greetings to Asabey.

  8. BABA ORO!!!
    Dis is weightier. i pray dat God’s weight(glory) continually be upon u.Thank u for inspiring my life………………………………

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