What’s Holding You Back?

There are times in life when we feel fired up and ready to go.

There are times when we feel fired up but not ready to go.

There are times when we feel ready to go but are not fired up.

Then again, there are times when we don’t feel fired up neither do we feel ready to go.

There are times we feel exhausted, overwhelmed or even numb.

Have you ever been there?

You know what you should do but you can’t seem to find the strength, drive or motivation to get push through or even get started.

It’s a battle many people face but not many people win. There are people who have found themselves in this scenario and they simply quit. They still go to work but they have resigned. They still talk the talk but they hardly walk the walk. Life has dealt them some blows and they have taken they have received the invitation cards to the pity-party of life. The eat the meal of misery and sip the wine of worry.

Their optimism about the future has been replaced by complaints and bitter remarks about people who seem to be getting ahead.

There is also another category: Those who don’t blame other people. They simply keep to themselves. They watch the world go by. Days become weeks. Weeks become years. Years become decades. No progress. No breakthroughs. No accomplishments. They are just there. They stop living though they are still breathing. This could happen at 17, 37, 50 or 73. There are many people like that and if you do a quick check, you’d admit that you know quite a few who fall into this category.

Usually, it starts as a bad seed…an encumbrance. It is a challenge- sometimes overlooked, sometimes excused, often ignored. Then it snowballs into a monstrosity that we can’t deal with by ourselves.

It could be a bad business decision that  leads to bankruptcy.

It could be a poor attitude to work that costs you your job…

A heated argument that leads to a failed relationship…

Lustful thoughts that lead to sexual sin…

Or pride that lead to a fall.

If we do nothing about them, they become strong chains that bind us. They hold us back. They limit us.

It’s not enough to know that you are being held back. It is important to know what exactly is holding us back.

Whenever you sense that you are losing momentum, running out of steam, losing your drive, it’s is critical to ask and answer this question “What’s holding me back?”

Don’t ignore it. Identify it. Then confront it. Address it. Deal with it.

You can’t surmount an onstacle that you haven’t identified. You can’t defeat an enemy that you don’t recognize. If you don’t know what’s holding you back, you won’t know how to address it. Every good doctor knows that he can’t render real help to his patient without a proper diagnoses.

Take out the next few moments and reflect on these thoughts. The answers you’ll get will be quite revealing.

I look forward to reading your thoughts and comments and I will recommend steps you can take to deal with this in my next post.


20 thoughts on “What’s Holding You Back?

  1. Wonderful piece I think also procatination and the type of people you surround yourself with the company you keep.”What you constantly see and surround yourself with is what u eventually become”

  2. Sometimes I get all fired up,and then realise that there’s just so much stuff I want to achieve.Then I exhaust all that energy just trying to get them all sorted out. Just recently my mentor taught me about the power of journaling. It helps to put some sort of order to your thoughts and actions.

  3. Fear of being out dated, of not being relevant, a few years of set back, ??? ????†§ like the world passed me by. ????†§ easy knowing what holds you back, fighting it is absolutely different. Thank you for the article

  4. Hmmmmmmm!Lack of zeal..Procastination. Not been too sure i’ll pull through and fear/negative thoughts sets in den i just don’t feel upto it anymore.Also,having a lot of things dat u really wanna achieve and asking d question…”Are u sure abt dis”….

  5. This is a great one pastor dam dam…laziness n procastination can get married in a person’s life n birth faliure,I realized dt a lot of pple wud do anytin to avoid d tiniest of stress bt ts good to always remembr dat wen u keep procastinating u only prolong the success n increase d diffculty n stress.also ts ok for fear to flash bt call back telling fear who your father in heaven is.always be ready n willing to carry that baby step ts never too small even f t seems like u av failed wit d step u carried know in your spirit that you av just being shown a way of not doing things n believe dt definately sooner or later u will be shown how to do it right JUST BE PATIENT!…I can go on n on right now…lol :).Be sensitive to the spirit sometimes its nt about d laziness,lack ov zeal procastination bla bla bla T just might be dt ur in d wrong place doing d wrong tins.

  6. Btw I lost so much to laziness,procastination n fear n wud av thoughts like “wud I ever turn out to be d great woman I was created to be” n fear bin condemd by d world..so wat I do is take on as many tasks as possible as long as I av d time n passion n ability to do t I’ll try to do it so much dat nw I hate not having anytin to do,I av also come to realize dat ts nt about how the world sees me ts about how I see d world n how God sees me n constantly wat I have in me to give to the world n no matter wat I do pple will talk even wen amnt doing anytin dey still will talk so y let pple who can’t create a strand of hair on my head determine how my life shd be..I wasn’t created to be ruled by the world I was created to rule the world

    1. Very true Olayinka… One truly shouldn’t be bothered about what people think of you and even if you choose to listen, pick on the ones that are suppose to influence you to be great and the ones that can have a positive impact in your life. People can stay stuffs about you that can dampen your spirit but if within you, you know your clean of their accusations don’t bother to hammer or try to justify yourself to them, its not important. The first thing is to do what God wants, what you want that is right for you and that can affect humanity to live better and in a Godly manner. Towards acheiving greatness, one must ASK favour and PRAY to God for the zeal, will and the steadiness to achieve his goal.. Like my friend Olayinka would say to me “God is on your side, he will forever make a way”,and i believe it and He always does help me…

  7. This piece is very timely, as am currently considering some decisions

    We sometimes get bogged down just on thought of “What If?”* what if it didn’t workd out?
    It just the fear of failure.. that kills many future great enterprises, and I will also like to add that its important to always remember our past decisions and PROMPT ACTIONS that got us amazing results..
    ~Thank You

  8. Sometimes I feel fired up, ready to go and even take off some projects,but within a short while or nearing completion a little stumbling block or opposition will make me relapse and continuing will be a big problem. Sometimes it is the fear of the unknown or fear of failure that make us hold on.
    Damilola this piece is very inspiring and the little push a need right now in my life. Thank you.

  9. SIR, dis really awesome. i think dis is d right time we have the mentality of who we really are in christ jesus. thank u for this. is a great HONOUR SIR.

  10. P. Dams tanx 4 dis wonderful life transforming write ups, ?? tink Fear of failure, also finacial challenges r d major things holding me back,cos dere r times dere will be burning desires like U????? said and dere won’t be finacial resources 2 start up with;and fear dat will d idea survive… at d end of d day d idea becomes just a thought.tanx so much and God will continue 2 increase U????? gr8ly.

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