You Are Somebody!Part 2

I started out on the issue of identity a few days ago.For some reason, I could not give full expression to my thoughts so I have decided to do that now.

I hope I this post won’t have a third part.

One major challenge we have with our identity is that we pay more attention to our SOCIOLOGY than our THEOLOGY.This is what I mean-we tend to agree more with what people call us than with what God calls us.We listen more to the people around us than to the God within us,to the noise around us than to the voice within us.We allow people who don’t know who they are tell us who we are.

Isn’t that interesting?

That’s why we become more confused and life seems more complicated.

You can’t afford to allow people or places define you.
God is the only one who is qualified to define you.
Everything draws it’s identity from it’s origin.

Every invention is defined by the inventor.
You are God’s invention…God’s masterpiece…God’s tool for transformation.

Don’t trudge through life like you are the host of the world’s biggest pity party.

Walk tall, like you are somebody…because you are.

I spoke along these lines sometime last week and I drew inspiration from the story of the woman with the issue of blood.(You see that, her sociology called her “the woman with the issue of blood”)

People often describe you by your challenges, see what I mean…

That guy who is always begging for money…

That girl who sleeps around…

That man who always beats his wife…

gat to go again…

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