You Deserve To Know That…

God loves you more than the devil hates you.

God’s love for you is overwhelming, intense, unconditional, pure, eternal.

In fact, it is indescribale, incomparable and incomprehensible.

Think for a moment.

Cast your mind back to the times when you messed up.

You remember?

You goofed.Yes.You flunked.You missed it.Face it-you messed up.

You called on God and inspite of your bloopers, He forgave you and restored you.

His love for you is not intimidated by your errors no matter how many they are.

His love is not fazed by your sins no matter how dirty they are.

All you need to do is return to Him because His arms are always wide open…waiting to embrace you.

You don’t need to be perfect before you come to Him.

In fact,  it’s because you are imperfect that you should approach Him.He is waiting to perfect you and everything that concerns you.

You deserve to know that…

no matter how much the devil hates you, the fury of his hatred can never match the passion of God’s love.

God’s love is so high, you can’t get above it.

It’s so deep, you can’t get beneath it.

It’s so wide, you can’t get around it.

It’s so full, you can’t get through it.

Run into God’s arm today.

He is waiting to hug you and he told me to tell you just that.

7 thoughts on “You Deserve To Know That…

  1. Thanks alot for the message,its a great one and it touched my heart.God’s love is unconditional.
    Am running,still running,will be running into God’s arm forever.I cant wait for him to hug me.God is all i need now and forever.

  2. Yes o, Augustina.
    I am happy to be a blessing.
    I like the way you put it-“I’m running, still running…”
    Don’t stop running.
    If you ever stumble, get back up again.
    Daddy will be happy to hold you up.

    1. Great message! appreciate it. The biggest trick the devil uses against us believers is the false deceit that some problems or challenges we go through are a required punishment for our sins or the sins of our parents. how false!

  3. Lot of times what the devil use in deceiving Christians are basic scriptural truths misrepresented…This message if we keep it we sure will have Satan in his place. The LORD will increase broo

  4. pator dami thank you for this wonderful message…….before i read this message i lost hope that my life is useless but when i read this message i felt much better and i know God loves me……thank you pastor dami………..

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