Live From Wembley Stadium.

Ok. This is PROBABLY my shortest blog post yet.

I’d let the 54-second video do the talking. Remember to pray for your country regardless of your colour, class or cultural inclinations.

I appreciate the importance of intelligent discourse and debate about National issues but I also value and believe in the power of prayer.

God still answers prayers.

Watch and be inspired.


One thought on “Live From Wembley Stadium.

  1. Good Evening Sir,you are my definition of this generation’s King Solomon and David (the good aspects of their lives that are worthy of emulation of course hehehe!) topped and enveloped with the characteristics of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. True to God’s word in Proverbs 15:33 Humility precedes Honour. God has truly truly honoured and is honouring you (can I get an Amen somebody? *hands lifted high* AMEN!!!!!!!!). The wisdom and anointing you carry is utterly mind-blowing as in the kind that is said and will be said for so many generations to come that when God’s hand is upon a man’s life there is always greatness in his valley. The same way Jesus said the woman that broke her Alabaster box on His feet will always be remembered wherever the gospel is preached, I declare that you too will always be remembered where the gospel is preached and whenever righteous leaders who are making and made an impact are spoken about. AMEN! If I had read your blog and some of your responses to people’s comments before I eavesdropped on your phone conversation (my sincere apologies for this I just happened to be a few seats away) a part of me would have been like hmmmmm! Is Pastor Damilola truly this humble? That phone conversation was just future confirmation. Like you were really showing your gratitude for something you did for someone or you were grateful for someone using something you taught them or something along those lines. Honestly speaking i’m not sure (I guess that’s the punishment you get for eaves dropping, the information is half baked lol!). Honestly speaking, it takes certain kind of people to be Blessed like you and still act the way you do, your’e truly blessed Sir.

    The National Day of Prayer and Worship was utterly Amazing. I really enjoyed it. *singing* Take, Take, Take it off! oh! oh! oh! oh! lol! That day I was really taking the cold off by dancing, now i’m in Nigeria taking the heat off lol! The visionary behind this event is just an example of what you mentioned last week wednesday on how when a seed is not planted all it can ever be is a seed and nothing more. God gave the visionary of this event a vision and he had the choice to run with or not run with it or procastinate and when God gives another person the same vision and the person brings it to fruition he now says oh! They stole my idea! (I was going to ask a question on how when God gives you a vision and you don’t do anything about it what happens? but I read your post on they stole my idea and that answered my question, Thank you very much). ACTION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. Also, you know the young man that was shot five times and to the Glory of God he is still alive? well, that got me thinking about how you convey your testimony or who you give the Glory to when giving a testimony or how a testimony can be masked with errrrrr i’m not sure about the right word to use (please can you help me out lol!) Sorry I tend to laugh out loud quite often because i feel a squeeze of humour juice in your messageADE spices it up. Okay, back to what I was saying. For example, the rap artiste 50 cent was shot 9 times but Chris Rock was making fun of him on one of is comedy shows and he was basically saying 50 cent is always saying i got shot 9 times, i got shot 9 times and then? as in we’re tired of hearing it. Please do you get what i’m trying to say? One more thing, please don’t be offended but I noticed some typos in some of your posts. I know you’re a very busy person so this might be as a result of writing without having time to edit. I just thought I should let you know. Pastor Damilola Oluwatoyinbo of our Lord Jesus Christ 🙂 Beni! I celebrate you Sir! From the wisdom nuggets and lyrics you write on your posts and when you preach, I think its only right if I call you a Holy Ghost Inspired Lyrical Genius! May Isaiah 60 always be your portion Sir. God’s Blessings Always!

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